Marine Invasion 1 and 2

This is a Game file for Half-Life submitted by Deeforce.

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Marine Invasion 1 and 2

Poor graphics, but great gamefun. I have my fun with it! You fight against Marines.

Marine Invasion: Episode 1 and Episode 2 for Half Life 1

Please read the txts in the folder "M_I_E_1" and "M_I_E_2"

Installation: 1. unzip "Marine.zip" with programs like "Winrar" or "Ken Ward's Zipper" or use your Norton Commander (new version) (data: decompress).

    2. Copy the "M_I_E_1" and "M_I_E_2"-folders into your "Half Life 1" directory. After this: start the game, choose "custom game", select "M_I_E_1" or "M_I_E_2", click "activate" and start the game in Singleplayer.


The files in the folder "M_I_E_1" and "M_I_E_2" are independent from each other...

If you want to modify these levels, look in the folders "Extra" for the "rmf"-data.

In the folder "Other" you will find 1 Bonus-Level for Half Life 1: Opposing Force.

I decided to release this, because I still have much fun with this and maybe you will enjoy it too.

Creation Date: 2002 Release Date: 26. February 2008

Author: Hannes Müller


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Hannes Müller


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Date Added
4 years ago
May 25 2012 @ 6:59am UTC
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Base : New levels from scratch Editor(s) used : World Craft V.3.3 Known Bugs : leaks in almost every level
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